Our Pastor

Rev. Jerrell Walls

pastorjerrellRev. Jerrell Walls founded Christ Chapel of the Valley in 1992. He has been in ministry since age 8. Raised in North Texas by parents who themselves are long-time Pastors, Pastor Jerrell was given a profound gift of teaching and ministry.

While Pastor Jerrell’s foundation was based on his ministry and administrative work with the Foursquare Church, he felt a tugging in his heart that significant numbers of people were not receiving the Good News of Christ’s love and redemption, especially the LGBT community. In the early 1990s, he joined Christ Chapel in Long Beach, a predominately gay and lesbian congregation founded by Pastor Michael Cole. As this congregation grew, he started to lead one of its Bible study groups up in the San Fernando Valley. This group grew by leaps and bounds, and eventually became Christ Chapel of the Valley–a church which he has pastored from the very beginning.

A straightforward man who loves and nurtures his flock, Pastor Jerrell accepts you as you are.

Our Board Members

Jay Allen – Jay has been attending CCOV since 2003. He has served as a Home Group ministry leader since 2011, as well as a Bible-study teacher. He is the board liaison for A/V, Ushers and Missions.


Jay Allen

Dwayne Arvinger – Dwayne has been attending CCOV since 2011. He has served as a teacher in our Children’s Church, has lead Bible discussions and has been a group leader at our Retreats. He uses his talents, gifts and abilities to help our CCOV family as needed.


Dwayne Arvinger

Rev. Mary Howell – Mary has been involved with our music ministry for 16 years. She servces as a Bible-study teacher, as well as a minister to the terminally ill–instilling hope and love. She visits homes of those in need of spiritual guidance and those who are struggling with their sexual orientation. She also leads a group of non-believers on Saturdays.


Rev. Mary Howell

Sammy Parnell – Sammy has been involved in several ministries during his 10+ years of membership. They including Ushering, Pride Committee and Hospitality. His financial and business acumen adds value as he stands by his commitment to Christ and what God has done for us.


Sammy Parnell